VS-81YC Kramer S-video sviss

Verð stk. 54.900,- ISK

S video sviss 8.inn í 1.út
Þyngd: 600 gr.
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Kramer S-VIDEO  8.inn 1.út

The Kramer VS-81YC is a high quality mechanical 8x1 switcher for s-Video (YC) using 4-pin connectors. It is designed for applications requiring a compact desktop unit for routing one of up to eight s-Video sources to one monitor, projector, or other receiving device. High quality switching components provide excellent isolation between inputs, and unselected inputs are terminated via 75-ohm resistors.

Typical Applications

  • Small production and editing studios
  • Any professional system requiring simple 8x1 s-Video switching
  • Applications where a passive, “hard-wired” signal path is preferred

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